The quality team has opportunities for you to contribute to ubuntu no matter your skills or interest. To help you get started, this page will help make you aware of the opportunities that are available.

What do I need to get started?

Before you go diving in, we’d love to know more about you and help you get connected. This will make you familiar with our communication channels as well.

Our official communication channels are:
ubuntu-quality list
#ubuntu-quality on

We also have resources on this website and our wiki pages

Please take a moment to send an email to the ubuntu-quality list and introduce yourself. Also be sure and join our launchpad team.

In addition, we have other outlets for discussing quality and ubuntu:
Ask Ubuntu
Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Ubuntu Forums

Ok, now How Can I Help?

Are a technical person? Do you like to code?
Consider contributing some automated testcases.

Do you enjoy writing? Or are you skilled with explaining things step by step?
You might enjoy helping to write our manual testcases.

Do you like running bleeding-edge software? Seeing the latest and greatest raw code as it leaves the hands of developers?
Running the development version of ubuntu and contributing test results is probably your forte.

Not running ubuntu, but a flavor instead?
We still need and welcome your contributions in all of the above areas! Testcases are generally desktop-agnostic and many flavors share applications and testcases.

Getting Help

Still confused? Sorry :-( Let us help you directly! Email the ubuntu-quality list, the QA community coordinator or visit #ubuntu-quality on freenode.