As mentioned in my last post, Mir is one of the biggest changes coming in 13.10. With feature freeze now happening this week, it's time to amp up our testing engines once more to test the final features and help land Mir into the archive.

The Mir team has put together both a ppa and wiki page that contains all the information you need to help with testing. The testing window closes in 2 days on August 28th, just in time for feature freeze. The biggest changes for Mir are the inclusion of multi-monitor support and thus are a focus for this testing. So here's the details you need to know.

Help test Mir using your current system, ubuntu saucy and the Mir team ppa.

Now through August 28th.

The full instructions for installing the ppa, running the tests, and reporting the results can be found on this wiki page. Results are reported on this page or via the package tracker testing page.

Thank you for your contributions! Good luck and Happy Testing Everyone!