As you may have read about this week here or here unity is getting some late additions to it's feature set, with much of it landing in the form of new lenses. Here's what's landed in Unity 6.6:
  • Improved Window and workspace management
    • When switching between multiple application windows, the windows scale
  • The window decoration properly follows the selected theme
  • All launcher icons can be reordered
  • New shopping lens
  • Video lens enhancements
  • Improved lens previews
  • Improved home dash
In support of this late landing code, the Unity development team is asking for some extra testing on these specific features. To that end, I've updated the testcases for Unity, and posted the testcases specific to these changes for testing. Pay attention to the cases marked 'mandatory' and 'run-once'. These testcases contain the changes mentioned above, but it doesn't hurt to run through the optional cases if you have time. We don't like regressions either :-) By the time this post hits you, unity 6.6 should be landing in quantal, and you'll simply need to do a dist-upgrade -- instructions here. Here's a link to the testcases themselves:

Unity 6.6 Testing

Before I forget, here's a link to help you navigate the tracker, if you've never used it before: Guide on using the qatracker.

I'll keep the call for testing open through beta2 next week. If you participate in testing the beta2 images, consider also running through these testcases to make sure Unity is in good shape as well.

Thank you in advance for your help, and happy testing everyone!