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Brian Murray

See the heat

I find bug heat a useful way to determine the impact of a bug as it takes into account the number of duplicates, number of subscribers and quantity of people affected by the bug.  Additionally, as a defect analyst for a team that is interested in bug reports about a large number of packages, I’d like to be able find out which of our bugs (across all our packages) have the greatest heat in Launchpad. It would be helpful to see this data in a chart so I can visually distinguish differences in heat and also have the bugs grouped by package rather than having them in a list ordered only by bug heat. (The chart will also help because Launchpad times out when creating the report for the foundations-bugs team.)

To this end I’ve collected data on the five hottest bugs for each package to which my team is subscribed. I’ve used it to make following chart which only displays packages where the package’s hottest bug is greater than 10% of the hottest bug overall.

Foundations’s Hottest Bugs

The chart will display the bug number and title when you mouse over a point on it. It is also possible to control which of the five hottest bugs are shown. Again, I’ve created these for the desktop, server, foundations and ubuntu-x-swat teams. There are also charts for every package set in Precise.


Precise Beta 2 ISO Testing


A new UI for System Testing

During the Precise cycle we have been working in building a new UI for System Testing, the desktop application to test your hardware with Ubuntu and report results to Launchpad and Ubuntu Friendly.

If you are running Precise, you can test the new UI searching the Dash for “System Testing”. The new UI is now feature complete and you can start using it to test your hardware and submit your results to Friendly.

Here you can find the differences between the old UI and the new one:

Old UI


New UI

I think it looks much better, doesn’t it? The most important thing is that it builds the grounds to be able to keep making improvements to the UI, which were blocked in many cases by the old one.

Now we need to a lot of testing to make sure it is fully working when 12.04 LTS gets released. So, if you are running Precise, I encourage you to give it a try and report as many bugs as possible.

To file bugs, run the following command in a terminal:

ubuntu-bug checkbox
Brian Murray

Confirming a bug task in Launchpad

In the Ubuntu Bug Squad we frequently talk about how to perform tasks on IRC but for some people it is a lot easier to learn something by seeing it done. Subsequently, I’ve created a video of how to confirm a bug task in Launchpad. There are actually three different ways to do it and the best is the last one in the video.

I created the video mostly following the instructions at the Canonical design blog. I recorded separate screencasts for each way of confirming the task, that way they can be easily replaced if Launchpad changes. Text slides, instead of audio, were used to make production easier and also to allow for easy translations.

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

Call for testing: BlueZ A2DP and HSP/HFP profiles